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Will President Aoun Resort to Kassem Hejeij to Rescue the Lebanese Economy?

Governments  looking for the welfare of their  people,  often resort  to expatriates and local and foreign investors for the development of the local rural  areas economy, and to solve problems resulting from lacking  government funding.

At a time when talks by circles of designate  Prime Minister Saad Hariri speak of  Paris 4 Conference, whose three earlier copies  only gave  promises to  Lebanon, hope is looming from  President Michel Aoun radical attempt to take advantage of the Lebanese capabilities  to support the economy .

Will the President be a lift for an economic  army  to which  the government will facilitate all means and eliminate all obstacles  so as, the President’s  slogans  to get  the processes of reform and change  integrated  with actual reality that would be  a  salvation for  Lebanon and the Lebanese from  poverty, unemployment and immigration that drain the Lebanese  people and youth.

In Lebanon,  and the Diaspora, there are thousands of successful  Lebanese all over the world, in economics, businesses. why do not we  seek their help to  support the Lebanese economy?

Will President Michel Aoun act, and seize the magical solution for Lebanon  economic problems through eligible holding companies that are  able to bring Lebanon back  to the world economic map , through production, industrial , agricultural, educational and transformative projects, that provide job opportunities  to the Lebanese, and  utilize  local potential tools  to open up vast areas for  inventors and graduates in the world of innovation and IT  development. ?

What prevents the Lebanese from catching up with advanced technological industries, since our country incubates thousands of scientifically creative people   in this area? what prevents development of local experiments to become national experiences, similar to that of  businessman and former minister Essam Fares, in Akkar, or by associates to Parliament speaker  Barre in certain areas in the south, and achievements  by expatriates in southern towns and the Bekaa at their  own expense, such as in  Haris and Deir Intar?

For example,  can we see a series of fruits and juices canning factories  in the south and the Bekaa?

Is it possible to protect the oil wealth through local and national investments?

Is it possible to have  Essam Fares  example followed in more than a village and area?

Is it possible to disseminate Zahle and Deir Intar experiences on electricity, water and municipal services? Zahle,   where one man was able to provide 24/24  electricity , a service which a country with all its ministers did not succeed to accomplish?

And why the government does not benefit from expatriate Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij)  experience in his hometown?

Or  from  the experience of Imad Suleiman Ahmad of  Haris town and his father before him?

The latter, Imad Ahmad,  financed  more than 250 surgeries for  250  three- degree visually impaired persons , ensuring   free treatment by a renowned and  efficient doctor , regardless of the cost of treatment,  besides  more than 300 young people are working  at companies owned by him or his relatives in several African countries.

So why do not we  ensure  a chance  that brings together  Ahmad,  Essam Fares , Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij)  and other hundred expatriates in a large development project, in a giant holding company?

Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij)  :

He made his hometown in southern Lebanon "Deir Intar (Bint Jbeil)" a role model of development that alienates  its citizens of the need to search for jobs, as he  used his  economic capabilities in   charity works for the benefit of his hometown and the region, which seem to be enjoying «independence» from the state and its services after it formed , since years, its «special government».

Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij) and his brothers  have a  long experience in charitable works , manifested in  «Muhammad Ali Hojeij Charity Foundation», which is involved in  helping the poor and the needy in health, scientific, social and cultural situations.

Water and electricity crises in, which most of the Lebanese regions suffer , are not existed in the town , as Hojeij  family dug an artesian well  for providing water to the town for free , and bought  a huge electricity generator that covers the needs of all its citizens,  free of charge, around  the clock ».

Town  inhabitant Nizar Qaseer  says: «Since the seventies, Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij)  and his family have been providing  job opportunities for the town’s youth in Lebanon and the Diaspora, and medicine and clothing to the needy here and in other towns,” adding that Hejeij family  recently established agricultural projects in the area that secured jobs for about 70 young people from the town.

Zahle Electricity and creative Nakad :

In Zahle, there is a  «luminous»  experience at a time of electricity «darkness » in the country.  Electricity  was secured  during rationing hours , while keeping  energy withdraw from the Lebanese electricity establishment. A project that has been carried out by  «Zahle Electricity» company since late 2014. The project, which seeks to produce electricity systematically  and licensed by the Ministry of Energy and Water, according to chairman of «Electricity Zahle » Asaad Nakad, enabled    Zahle company to provide the city and 20 towns of the  central Bekaa with  electric current at  7/24 hours daily . Though many accusations were raised  against the  project, but it is still a «blessing» of which many Lebanese are deprived of  in many areas.

Prime Minister Rafik Hariris experience in human development and education proved  to be linked to the late premier in person, and  was stopped after his martyrdom.

That is why in order not to leave committed   expatriates and wealthy alone in their developmental projects , the president and government should  take the initiative to embrace development projects carried out by holding companies  that bring together  expatriate and local capitalists  in a carefully planned process so as to place  Lebanon into the ranks of first countries?

 Lebanon  is not the least efficient in  terms of the minds of its people  than those  of Switzerland, which is like Lebanon does not have any resources, but human resources, however  achieved industrial  miracles in simple and creative areas. Besides one Lebanese played a major role in introducing billions US $ as annual profits to that country.


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