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Kassem Hejeij the man who treats cancer patients at his expense

A young man approached a woman while  crying in one of Beirut’s well-known hospitals and said to her : aunt I have the  solution. She begged him , saying “ my daughter is about to die and they do not want to check her out before we pay, nor to treat her because we  can ‘t afford for  the operation , and she needs the operation instantly.

 Noha Butros was  crying  while begging the hospital’s account manager to make the surgery  for her daughter until she can  bring  approvals  of civil organizations (supposedly} dealing with Syrian refugees . She did not take her to a government hospital in Beirut because she thought the money she has  is enough to treat the girl’s infected backbone  after she fell  to the bathroom  ground and hit her head at the edge of the sink and left unconscious. when she was admitted to the  hospital ‘s emergency section, they   kept her monitored for two nights, and it was  found later that the US$ five thousands, she  paid  to the hospital was no  longer enough because they have to make a surgery for her have to withdraw blood from a dangerous area in the head before it affects the brain.

The operation costs US$ 45,000 dollars and hospitalization is for one week . Time was not in favor of the girl . A young man  from the South Lebanese town of Deir Antar heard her story to the account manager. He was attending his mother at the same hospital , while treated from cancer. His mother needed six chemotherapy sessions and two radiotherapy ones,  after an operation she underwent to remove the tumor.
The young man told her that he will be able to solve the matter just in a telephone call . Appealing  how , and if he  knows anyone in the United Nations, he  replied that he just know  a generous   person to whom he will explain the matter,  provided she has  to send the doctors report and a proof  from the hospital of the sum required and that he will send copies of documents via what’s up
He  said that the businessman pays Zakat of his money to treat the poor, and the  unable, however, and never be  late for humanitarian cases. She appealed :” let me go to him “.

The young man and the woman went to the office of a businessman named " Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij)  ," the young man  explained   to Hejeij the whole case, and gave him the  medical papers and reports. Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij)  talked  to the  hospital manager and got confirmation on the  girl status and nationality. Hejeij asked the  weeping woman if she is from “al-Shaam”: And she  said “Iam  a Syrian  Christian from Busra al-Shaam. Our homes are occupied  by al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists .I understand  you may not help me but please ... Kassem  interrupted her saying  : I beg you ... and I thank you  that your heart brought you to me . I swear  to God I do not differentiate  between you and me my daughters nor between your daughter and my  grandchildren, you are a sister and a daughter to me , regardless to your religion, sect or from where who have come. We, and the Syrians are two peoples in one

The  girl was treated like dozens of needy people monthly,  at the expense of a man who  refuses to talk about his  charity work and insists on  people not to  know what he does , making  all this in silence. The only ones , whom he saved a dear to their hearts, insist to  raise their voice talking about his good deeds  because he s worthy