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Rooney… from Slavery to freedom, Thanks to Lebanese Expatriate Kassem Hejeij

The “ Weekly News" published a story by its correspondent in Beirut , of a woman who was born in Cotonou for a drunkard father and an elapid mother. They sold their elder daughter , when she was nine to a French businessman, resident in Benin. When she was ten, she met, by chance, a Lebanese businessman who knowing her story freed her from the French man’s servitude .


He brought her up as his own daughter and educated her in a boarding school . After graduation she got married and is now the mother of a child. The strange thing in this story is not the charity act of a wealthy Lebanese for a poor girl, rather the non-discriminated treatment the girl received, as she used to receive the same expense, bestowed to the sons of the Lebanese tycoon , who is known for his charity works , according to the correspondent in Beirut. What does Rooney say? The Weekly correspondent spoke to the too timid Rooney , who mentioned Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij) name only after considerable efforts he made as she was afraid “ Dad kassim” to be angry with her, because he does not accept that she is making interviews to talk about her experience, saying she was a child , who experienced a tragedy that ended, thanks to God not to him , nor to anyone else and she is now living as a normal married woman, owns her apartment in Lebanon and refuses to visit her African country , especially when she learned after years of investigations that her parents had died of diseases after less than five years from selling her. Rooney, who speaks Arabic, French and English fluently had intended to film a documentary about her life with a girlfriend , who studied directing, but Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij), deemed the matter as unsuitable for his adopted daughter and sees it as an unwelcome publicity that affects the privacy of Rooney, her husband, and own son. The reporter says that this story serves as a publication and a feature film about the girl , who suffered a lot before she was rescued by Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij) , explaining that the French businessman never treated the girl morally and used her as maid to clean up in the morning , a cook at noon, and a saleswoman at his fabrics shop in the afternoon. "God blessed me by my savor who treated me equally with his children and bought me an apartment to live in with my husband as if I am of his own flesh and blood”, she said .


For his part, Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij) refused to comment on the reporter questions . The latter received a phone message in which Hejeij apologized to the journalist, asking him not to publish what may be considered an offensive propaganda of a married woman, whose privacy should be respected by everyone .


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